Learn How to Win at Poker


That was for a few years, but not all of it was good. Sometimes my intuition ran wild.

coincided with the time I learned that other people pay me to figure out what they are doing. Since then I tried to employ that same strategy against my opponents. It didn’t work. So, I expanded my game and Search fittest emerged. I opened an account with Poker stars and learned a new way to play. I cured my self of the habit of chasing draws, of playing AJ suited, of going to the flop with a JJ, and much more.

Before I discovered how to win at poker, I playedEconomy Secrets 2.0. I learned that the best players use proper bankroll management and they swap out tactics accordingly. Tactics decide how we play for a given amount of time. Then we can decide to change tactics in mid-hand when we have the upper hand. Tactics determine whether we win or lose in the long run.

However, I discovered that even withaddin-� strategemoving, bluffing won’t save us. After all, sometimes we have to fold. And sometimes, even when we bluff, there’s no real truth to the story. In poker, the best of players are the ones that know that at any moment, the game could turn, and we could lose.

This transformation from an ordinary poker player into the best ones is called Patience.

Learn How to Win at Poker - This transformation from an ordinary poker player into the best ones is called Patience.

  • Patience means that we are patient with ourselves and with our game. Sometimes we get so frustrated with ourselves and with the game that we forget to treat it as an illness. Finally, we become ungloried and nothing but a patient person with his or her game.
  • How do you know when you need to quit? When you start folding even though you have already won some money. When you start checking or calling in the hopes of catching a miracle card. When you refuse to fold even when you know you should. When you use all your chips to call even when you have better hands than your opponent(s).

Even when you have won a lot, it doesn’t mean you have to play for your win.

Learn How to Win at Poker - Even when you have won a lot, it doesn't mean you have to play for your win.

When I have accumulated a lot of money from poker, I never play for the win. I just treat poker as a patient patient patient. I will be patient and I will not rush to take a risk.

Even when I am losing, I don’t rush to take losses on. I don’t get angry even when I lose. Pain is unavoidable and it is part of the game. Even when I have a big hand, I know that I still have a lot to learn. I don’t go broke from this. I have learned to be patient.

This is what I mean when I advise you to be patient: –

  1. Don’t make stupid decision
  2. Don’t play when you are emotional
  3. Don’t play when you have a fever
  4. Don’t play when you are drunk
  5. Don’t play when you have a bad headache
  6. Don’t play to get 50 f currencies
  7. Don’t play for the sake of it
  8. Don’t play only when you have enough money to spend.
  • When you have a cold, you can’t win a game. When you are tired, you can’t play stake. When you are depressed, you can’t concentrate and you have a lot of vacant slot in your brain that you never use. All these are bad. And when you think about quitting, you will be very disappointed in yourself.

We have to accept that we are human and that is very confused and troubled. Very few people win in this world and we have to Recipe of winners. We have to learn to be happy and to love life. When I have a cold, I take a rest, I eat healthy foods and I sleep a lot. When I win, instantly I act the opposite to make myself happy and healthy. Whenever I lose, I will try to make myself sad and happy. That will help me to keep the headache away.